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The Association is compromised of local businesses and organizations that support and promote Newton Falls, Ohio area businesses and the community.

All necessary means of promotion shall be provided, and particular attention and emphasis shall be given to the economic, civil, cultural, industrial, commercial and educational interests of the area.

The Association will promote and support Newton Falls, Ohio area businesses, communicate concerns of businesses to government officials, promote utilization of businesses in the community, function as Good Samaritans without personal liability, and will be non-profit, non-partisan, non-sectarian and apolitical.

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Types of Membership

The association is open to all businesses (and individuals)

(A) Voting Member. Voting members consists of Newton Falls area businesses and organizations and Associate members, which support the community and local area businesses and commercial growth. Voting members shall designate one of the individuals associated with its business or organization to act as spokesperson for the member and to vote on matters coming before the membership.

(B) Associate Member. Associate members consist of businesses and organizations, which support the community and local area businesses and commercial growth but do not have a place of business or offices within the geographic area of The Association. Associate members are voting members. Outside the geographic area is 20 miles from the middle of Broad Street and Canal Street, Newton Falls, Trumbull Country, Ohio.

(C) Individual Members. Individual members consist of individual interested in supporting the community and local area businesses and the commercial growth of the geographic area. Individual members are non-voting members.

(D) Publicly Funded Members. Public funded membership consists of an organization whose membership is voted on and approved by the Board of Directors. Public funded members have voting rights.

(E) Honorary Members. Honorary members consist of individuals whose membership is voted upon and approved by the Board of Directors. Honorary members are non-voting members.

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Fee Schedule

Membership within 20 mile geographic area - voting member - $50.00
Private Organization- voting member - $25.00
Associate members (outside geographic area) - voting member - $250.00
Individual Members - nonvoting - $25.00
Public Funded Member - voting member - No charge

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To be accepted as a member

(A) Any business (or individual) wanting to join the NFACA shall fill out an application which shall include the documentation to establish the business as a legal entity in the State in which it does business.

(B) Will be invoiced after membership approval.

(C) After treasurer and other needed officers establish that applying business meets the NFACA requirements, bring the application to the membership for approval.

(D) After membership approval, have new business attend following meeting to welcome them.

(E) All current members need to establish documentation as a legal business in appropriate State of doing business

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Why become a member?

As the phrase has been coined, "Membership does have its benefits." To review all of the benefits of being a NFACA member, please click on the link below.

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The Trumbull County Community Foundation was established in early 2008 as a regional affiliate of the Community Foundation of Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio, which has served the region since 1981.

TCCF, under the direction of a volunteer Board of Directors, hopes to improve upon the quality of life of the citizens of Trumbull County by furthering the growth of philanthropy and the concept of giving back to one’s community.

In the last 12 years alone, the Community Foundation of Western PA and Eastern OH as a whole, of which TCCF is a part of, has granted more than $22.8 million for a variety of causes, including economic development projects, educational scholarships and support of charitable organizations and programs for youth.

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